Mission and Vision

Our vision is to improve the world we live in

We use our mobility expertise to improve the world we live in. By doing so we contribute to a sustainable, vibrant, and attractive society.

Our mission is to improve decisions about mobility

We provide decision-makers with independent technical support to help them address mobility challenges. What makes us different from our peers is that:

  • we keep exploring and developing mobility as a discipline;
  • we provide access to relevant mobility data;
  • we deliver reliable information;
  • we render expert advice;
  • we create broad-based support among stakeholders; and 
  • we propose viable solutions.


Mobility touches on all aspects of society, ranging from health and quality of life to sustainability, social cohesion and community participation, through to efficient and effective use of public money.

Goudappel Coffeng is an iconic name within the mobility market. Clients put their trust in us and we are often a pivotal partner in shared projects and consortiums. Through DAT.Mobility we can convert data into usable information for decision-making and effectively bring together the worlds of mobility data and policy advice.

We use our mobility expertise to improve the world we live in and so contribute to a sustainable, vibrant, and attractive society. Our employees set the standard on the mobility market and work together to innovate and deliver our services in the Netherlands and abroad.

We've specialised in mobility as a social phenomenon for more than 50 years now. This has shaped our company into what it is today: a focused business with the network, diversity, culture and size necessary to provide a one-stop contact to help clients solve complex mobility issues. We intend continuing this strategy and providing our clients with advice, IT solutions, and mobility services. 

Advice: from strategy to implementation

We cover the entire policy process or planning cycle, from goal-setting and strategy definition to design, implementation, and evaluation. Combining our technical expertise with knowledge of the region and a clear plan of action, we see our role as a ‘consultant’ in broad terms. We believe consultancy is also about initiating innovation, identifying and examining mechanisms, bringing parties and interests together, and taking responsibility for operational implementation. 

IT solutions

We develop operational applications for on-street and web-based use, such as intelligent traffic management solutions, multi-modal traffic information, and geographical information systems. We also provide the tools needed for modelling and analysing mobility issues, such as View.DAT en OmniTRANS. 

Mobility services

Our third area of focus is to help clients manage and operate their systems without any hassle. This varies from keeping transport models up and running through remote hosting, to fully insourcing implementation of rush-hour avoidance schemes. We also operate our own traffic control centre.