Why learning from us?

Why learning from the Dutch?

Choosing Dutch? This may sound cheap. It even may sound irrelevant to learn from such a small country. However, by living with so many inhabitants on so little space we had to be smart. We kept moving despite car ownership exploded since early 60's to over 8 million for 18 million people in an area smaller than Rio de Janeiro State or West Virginia. We climbed the learning curves way before the same problems started knocking on your city doors.

Below you find some Dutch credentials which may interest you. This is why 'choosing Dutch' will keep you on the move.

The highest bicycle use world wide

In towns like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen and Zwolle the market share of bicycles is over 50%. In combination with the public-transport share even 70% of the urban trips are sustainable. This contributes significantly in a higher quality of life. In the Netherlands we are proud to have more bicycles than people.

The safest mobility system in the world

The Netherlands has one of the lowest grade of fatalities in traffic, despite high market share for cycliing. Despite their vulnerabilityin dality traffic, The Netherlands has by far the lowest mortality rate in cycling world-wide! This is related to the integrated way of planning the different transport networks, all kind of behavioural interventions and enforcement actions focusing on locations with high risk and/or high traffic volumes.

Attractive, vital and attainable citys

Dutch urban planning history dates from the 16th century, protecting our land from high waters was the main goal. Now creating attractive and vital cities is the main objective. Planning of urban mobility is used to create conditions for livability and economic vitality. Our cities are flourshing because we planned them to be. They are still growing, while nature is still only a small ride away.

High throughput, and still counting

In The Netherlands we don't have the space for adding roads or extra lanes. We learned not to need them. Smart traffic control systems increase road capacity. Shfiting focus from junctions to roads to networks to multimodality, we kept improving mobility per m2 tarmac. As cars and infrastructure are getting even smarter we are still improving.

We brought you TomTom

In-car personal traffic management may of may not be invented in The Netherlands. The Dutch founders of TomTom certainly played a historic role in bringing navigational services to a broad audience. From 1991 till now we kept innovating. Dutch ideas and technology can be found in many automotive products, for now and the future.