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At Goudappel and Dat.mobility we are experts in the field of mobility. We connect our expertise on integrated solutions for the journey of today and the world of tomorrow. We contribute to accessibility, quality of life, safety, sustainability and economic vitality in the Netherlands and abroad. Goudappel is a leading consultancy company in the world of traffic and transport. We work for all provinces and regions, many municipalities and of course the national government as well as several private companies. In the world of mobility we have a broad expertise (e.g. related to spatial planning, transport modelling, parking, public transport, behavior, logistics, cycling) with a unique basis of being able to monitor, evaluate and predict the consequences of trends and measures using data and models to provide our clients consultancy services. Together with our subsidiary company Dat.mobility we also develop ICT solutions to support our consultancy services as well as directly their policy decisions. We also work closely together with universities in research programs and frequently provide guest lectures or teachers.

We regularly have internship- and graduation assignments available for higher professional education (hbo) students and academics in the fields mobility, design, computer science (IT/ICT), GEO information science, applied mathematics, spatial planning, economics, public administration and civil/traffic engineering. Within our organization, we think highly of students and attach great value to interns and graduates. New ideas arise and innovative research is carried out by the new generation of mobility experts. This keeps our organization fresh and ensures that knowledge can be shared. In addition, your internship or graduation theses can be an interesting start to your career. You might be our future colleague!

What we offer
After your application, an interesting assignment you select an interesting assignment together with a supervisor. We have various internship positions and assignments available in which you will be challenged to apply knowledge and skills you have developed in your study, which will provide you new insights to make the next step in your development. The challenge in most of our assignments lies in the development of (new) knowledge or solutions which contribute in solving the various societal challenge we face and are therefore related to Climate/energy transition, housing assignment, new mobility/mobility transition, new prosperity, data and artificial intelligence and uncertainty.

Searching for an internship or assignment in the field of mobility?

A selection of our current assignments can be found here (download the pdf to read more):

Dat.mobility is a company which is part of Goudappel. This company also offers various internship and graduations assignments, which you can find via this link.
Next to the mentioned assignnents, we have many more, but we would also like to discuss your ideas.

When performing your internship or graduation assignment at Dat.mobility, an experienced colleague becomes your personal mentor. This mentor will coach you during your internship or graduation project. You are involved in our daily activities, such that you can get the most out of your internship or graduation project:

  • An exciting and up to date internship/graduation assignment
  • Mentoring by an expert in the field
  • Being full part of the team
  • Opportunity to participate in side activities via the staff association
  • Educational period
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility to develop your own initiatives and ideas
  • Graduation fee of € 300,- gross per month (based on full-time)
  • 20 vacation hours per month (based on full-time)

Location: nationwide (Deventer, Eindhoven, Den Haag, Amsterdam or Leeuwarden)

Are you interested?
For questions related to internship or graduation possibilities, you can call the HRM department
Tessa van der Most tel: 06-15 61 14 14

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