Dutch-based consultancy firm sees added value in US and launches mobility start-up

11 June 2019

Seattle, June 11,  2019 – Dutch-based Goudappel Coffeng has launched a startup in the US to provide a wide range of mobility consultancy services under the M-Flow (Mobility Flow) brand. “As a knowledge leader in the Netherlands (since 1963) we’ve already gained experience in the United States and we found that there’s a strong demand for our mobility expertise in certain regions,” says the company’s CEO, Jos van Kleef.

Over the past few years, Goudappel has amassed a wealth of expertise on mobility issues, especially on the West Coast of the US, as part of the Coast-to-Coast program run by the Dutch Ministry for Economic Affairs and the company’s own Excellent Cities project. “What we've noticed is that urban areas around, for example, San Francisco (Bay Area), Portland, and Seattle greatly appreciate our Dutch input. These areas face huge mobility challenges and need quantitative analyses and mobility solutions that are fact-based and not just about cars. We’ve a great deal of experience in applying multi-modal models both in the Netherlands and abroad,” says Van Kleef. “What these models share is that they put people first.”

Working with Dutch entrepreneur Hans van der Meer (EV Global), responsible for managing M-Flow in the US, Goudappel looks forward to gradually expanding its new operation. Van Der Meer: “Because of our integrated approach to urban mobility planning, we believe we offer a valuable proposition, including for other US states. When other consultants tend to focus on individual transport modes, such as car traffic, we look at all modes across the mobility chain. That's where we can make a real difference.”

Initially, M-Flow will employ five consultants, from the US and the Netherlands. In addition to mobility advice, the start-up will also deliver IT solutions using Goudappel’s in-house software and mobility services (“Mobility-as-a-Service”). For the time being, M-Flow will be based in Seattle, Washington.

website: www.m-flow.com.