Goudappel acquires stake in German mobility consultancy AEM Institute GmbH

8 December 2020

With effect from 26 November, the Goudappel Group acquires a (minority) stake in the German mobility start-up AEM Institute GmbH from Berlin. AEM (Accessible and Equitable Mobility) focuses on supporting local authorities in establishing a targeted and environmentally friendly mobility management system and on promoting cycling. AEM will also disseminate knowledge on sustainable and gender-equitable mobility through e-training.

"We are looking forward to working with the new German partner", says Director Wim Korver of Goudappel Group. "We attach great importance to the knowledge and experience in counselling and teaching of the founders of AEM, Carolin Kruse and Ines Kawgan-Kagan. The planned innovative approach fits well with our working methods, which we apply in the Netherlands, and with the experience we have gained in the Netherlands and also spread in other countries through several participations and partnerships". 

Equal opportunities
"Goudappel improves the living environment with mobility knowledge and intelligent mobility data solutions. In this way we are making a demonstrable contribution to a sustainable, vital and attractive society," says Wim Korver. This fits in seamlessly with AEM's mission. Carolin Kruse: "We are striving for a world in which every person has equal opportunities for sustainable and healthy forms of mobility, regardless of time, physical, social and financial constraints. Fair access to mobility contributes to our quality of life".

The Berlin-based start-up will share its knowledge on all aspects of mobility in courses - in internal training or interactive e-courses. "Thanks to our experience in research and teaching, we are able to transfer and apply academic knowledge about mobility quickly and effectively in a practice-oriented way," says Ines Kawgan-Kagan. "Our expertise is not only a contribution to science, but also actively contributes to shaping it in daily practice".

"Our task is to enable local authorities, service providers and politicians to make the right decisions to improve mobility for all. We inspire them to determine sustainable mobility solutions through communication, education, research and best practices".

Carolin Kruse and Ines Kawgan-Kagan.

Cycling promotion
AEM provides advice on mobility in sustainable urban planning that meets the needs of citizens* and future generations and systematically promotes cycling.

AEM also focuses specifically on helping local authorities and businesses to develop strategies and measures to promote mobility.  A special focus is cycling - "Cycling should not be considered separately, but as an integral part of mobility concepts" says Carolin Kruse. . "AEM draws on its many years of practical and scientific experience in Germany and the Netherlands - thanks to our new partner Goudappel Group.

Ines has in-depth knowledge of the contents as well as training in didactics and leadership. Carolin has experience in practical and research projects with a strong focus on cycling and mobility management. Unique is the combination of mobility consultancy with a focus on cycling, gender and mobility.

More information:  please visit the website of AEM