Goudappel Group acquires stake in Urbanista STAD AB

28 August 2017

Goudappel Group has acquired a minority interest (30%) in the Swedish company Urbanista STAD AB based in Gothenburg. Goudappel’s CEO Jos van Kleef and the managers of the young startup, Catharina Migell and Klara Jonsson, signed a partnership agreement on 17 August.

Urbanista provides mobility planning and process and project management services to the city of Gothenburg (Sweden’s counterpart of Rotterdam), surrounding towns, and project developers.

Jos van Kleef: “The area around Gothenburg will see large-scale urban and infrastructure developments over the next few years that will give a strong boost to projects in our field of work. With Urbanista STAD AB we have found a suitable partner with which to combine our expertise so as to provide our clients in Sweden with optimum services. The Swedish market provides great opportunities in terms of parking, public transport, C-ITS and cycling, and for the products developed by DAT.Mobility. I also believe that our Excellent Cities programme can lead to mutually beneficial relationships with existing and new clients. This ties in seamlessly with our policy to expand our services abroad.”

Urbanista’s Catharina Migell and Klara Jonsson are very pleased with the partnership: “As a young startup, we can now not only extend our scope but also deepen our knowledge thanks to the collaboration with Goudappel Coffeng, DAT.Mobility, and other Goudappel group companies. We are convinced that their knowhow and expertise developed over so many years, coupled with our own local expertise, will lead to a successful partnership.

The Goudappel Group consists of a number of companies that work together. The Group’s best-known labels are Goudappel Coffeng (mobility consultants) and DAT.Mobility (IT for mobility services). Goudappel Group also owns minority interests in MAPtm  and NDC Nederland. We also have strategic partnerships with and minority interests in Belgian-based MINT NV and from now in Swedish-based Urbanista STAD AB.

Jos van Kleef, Catharina Migell and Klara Jonsson.