Dive deep into smart mobility during ITS Hamburg 2021

14 September 2021


Smart mobility and transport digitalization. That's what the annual Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) event is all about. This year's event will be taking place in Hamburg, Germany, from the 11th until the 15th of October and will be attended by several of our consultants to discuss themes such as smart mobility and the importance of data with other professionals.

Our speakers at ITS

Martijn Legêne: 'Spatial impact of automated driving in urban areas' 
Tuesday, October 12th
 4-5 PM | TP 14 | Messe - B6 – Room 7
Presentation during session ‘Getting ready for autonomous driving’

Martijn Legêne: ‘Quantitative impact of Smart Mobility: ‘Safer, Smarter and Cleaner’
Tuesday, October 12th 5.15-6.15 PM | TP 17 | Messe - B6 - Room 11
Presentation during session ‘ITS minimising environmental impact’

Edwin van den Belt: Panel member
Wednesday, October 13th 11-12.30 PM | SIS 49 | Messe – B3 – Room 8
Presentation during session ‘Open standards: fostering a traveler-focused MaaS ecosystem, encompassing diverse business models, without breaking the bank’

Edwin van den Belt: ‘Progress with Maas and MoD standards’
Wednesday, October 13th 4-5 PM | TP 33 | Messe – B3 – Room 7
Presentation during session ‘Progress with Maas and MoD standards’

For more information, check out the website of ITS. Want to know more about smart mobility and the solutions we provide? Then read more below.

Smart Mobility

Technological developments are evolving at a rapid pace and are having a huge impact on how we move about. For Goudappel, smart mobility means seizing every opportunity available to utilise new technology and services to make our mobility system safer, greener, more attractive, and more efficient. 

Read more about smart mobility here, or download the whitepaper (English)

Please check out our specific smart related solutions

Examples of our smart mobility experience

OmniTRANS Realtime

Among other things, smart mobility means making smarter use of current road capacity. We've developed the OmniTRANS Realtime transport modelling platform for the purpose of continually improving traffic flow and accessibility. Because it uses real-time data, smart traffic control systems, and floating car data, OmniTRANS Realtime can provide forecasts up to one hour ahead, allowing traffic management to be proactive rather than reactive.

Read more about OmniTRANS Realtime

Quantitative impact of smart mobility

At Goudappel, we work on a range of smart mobility initiatives every day. The key question, though, is how smart mobility will impact local communities. To deliver that information, we've developed a methodology for the North Holland provincial authorities to gauge the impact of smart mobility measures. It's a first for the Netherlands.

Read more about this project

Learning lessons from pilots with self-propelled shuttles

The number of pilots with self-propelled shuttles in the Netherlands has increased significantly over the past years and this growth is expected to continue in the coming years. But what did we learn from all these pilots? That's why the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management asked us to bundle all lessons learned with regard to self-propelled shuttles in the Netherlands and to translate them into decision information from a government perspective. 

Read more about this project

Determing the E-bike factor

During the covid pandemic, the number of E-bikes sold has grown. Not only is an E-bike a fun and healthy way of transportation, it's also an alternative for public transport. But you can't use your E-bike the same way in every city. Some places are too far away to reach on bike, even with an E-bike. To figure out which places can be reached with an E-bike, we determined the E-bike factor for all places in the Netherlands.

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If you want to know more about smart mobility, OmniTRANS Realtime, or any of the other themes covered by the ITS event, please contact one of our consultants.