Risk-based projects to improve safety of railway crossings

24 September 2019

In early 2019 Goudappel Coffeng delivered the framework for a New Railway Crossings Register to ProRail, the Dutch national railway construction and maintenance company. In 2018, in line with recommendations issued by the Dutch Safety Board and the wishes expressed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works and ProRail, work was done to set up a system that allows the risk profile of railway crossings to be improved.

“The existing policy on railway crossings has been tightened up by introducing a risk ranking for crossings (as documented in the New Railway Crossings Register ),” says consultant Frank Aalbers. “Risk profiles are going to play a much greater role in initiating and prioritising projects, so that resources can be allocated on a risk-weighted basis and projects become more cost-effective.”

The risk ranking is based on improved and extended risk profiles of railway crossings (based on safety performance indicators: SPIs), taking into account the likelihood of accidents and the consequences of those accidents. In 2019 Goudappel Coffeng also assisted in implementing the system. Frank Aalbers: “There are interesting similarities with the road safety situation for road traffic.”



Client: Prorail
Year: 2019