Smart Mobility

The world of mobility is continuously evolving, with technology having an ever-greater influence on society. Increasingly powerful computers and faster mobile internet are creating a world in which everything is connected to everything else. This is also impacting the way in which we move about. New modes of transport, new transport services, and other ways of managing traffic are being developed. People's behaviour is also changing. What does this all mean for the accessibility of our towns and cities? We want, after all, to be ready for the future, especially when changes follow one another in rapid succession.

The phrase ‘smart mobility’ is used in various contexts. The emphasis is often placed on all the technological developments that impact the way we move about. Although interesting in themselves, these developments only become truly exciting when we make the link between our behaviour and the goals we aspire to achieve as a society. That's what we, at Goudappel Coffeng and DAT.Mobility, call ‘new mobility’.

 For us, new mobility means seizing the opportunities offered by new technology and services to make our mobility system safer, greener, cleaner, and more attractive and efficient. At the same time, new technology also raises questions, and it is important to understand the risks and how to control them so as to utilise its full potential. This also means thinking through the role you want to play, and can play, to help shape these new developments. How do we make sure that smart mobility makes our towns and cities cleaner, more attractive, more accessible, and safer places to live?